Destiny 2 Black Armory Known Issues.


  • They have confirmed that the Dragonfly Spec mod works as intended on a test build. (The mod gives an increase to both damage and blast radius.) They have noticed, however, that or other networking issues can prevent the perk from working correctly. More info will be provided when possible. (Reddit) 2
    • Latency can prevent increases to BOTH damage and blast radius from being applied. No timeframe for fix, but the bug has been filed and will be investigated. (Reddit)
  • They've passed along feedback about Triumphs and their respective rewards (like some awarding 0 points). (Reddit)
  • Player Support has filed a bug on Calculated Trajectory Medals in Iron Banner. As the playlist has unique medals now, this cannot be earned properly. Kills and Rapid Kills are properly counted. (Reddit)
  • No TWAB til next week. Player Support update later today. (Twitter)
  • On why Hawthorne's clan engrams don't drop activity specific items: Clan Engrams granted activity rewards from the Raid at launch. This was changed due to player feedback that there was no incentive to complete raid activities when clan engrams could grant all rewards. In other words, this directly gives incentive to complete those activities. (Twitter)
  • They're investigating the issue where fully masterworked Stryker causes the Surrounded perk to stop working. (Twitter)
  • Appropriate teams are looking into Ballistics Logs on reset getting deleted and the feedback about it. More details next week. (Forums)